Excellent Customer Care for Moves Big and Small

Moving your business is an important and necessary step in its evolution, make sure it gets done right by hiring the right people. Eagle Moving’s commercial moving service in Chicagoland has been doing commercial moves for over 20 years and is an established, reliable and experienced commercial moving company.

Our commercial moving service in the Chicagoland area makes certain that the move is geared to the special requirements of your needs. We also ensure that moving into your new space is cost effective.

We are not restricted by the size of your office. Whether it’s a small or large office, we can help and we will make sure you get the same attention we give to all of our customers.

We understand that a move can be stressful and complicated, but with proper planning the move can be but a minor inconvenience to you and your day to day operations. The sooner we’re involved the less complicated the move will be and also less stressful.

Our experienced staff is ready to answer any questions you may have.

10 Steps to a Successful Office Move

  1. Call Eagle! We’ve got the right people, experience and specialized equipment to do the job efficiently and economically.
  2. Select a time when off activity is minimal. Our schedule is your schedule – at night or over the weekend.
  3. Color and number code items to be moved. Color coding building areas and items reduce confusion, time and expense.
  4. Decide who packs what. Your staff can do some of the packing to save money, or we can take care of all of it. We can give each department suggestions for the number and type of boxes to be used. For items you wish to pack, we provide a list of effective packing tips.
  5. Moving is a great time to discard obsolete or seldom used materials.
  6. Contact proper outside services and building managers at both locations. Your service providers should be made aware of the moving date so that any disconnections or connections can be made when needed. Contacting building managers will help with the mechanics of the move and ensure that elevators and loading docks are available.
  7. We have trucks and equipment designed to relocate your sensitive or fragile property. Your special office equipment will arrive safely, ready to put into service immediately.
  8. Ask your staff to do their part. A week before the move have a meeting with your department heads. Explain the move, tell them what their responsibilities are, have their people mark equipment and clean their desk drawers and files.
  9. To speed up the placement of furniture and belongings, assign supervisors who know what is to be moved and where it goes. A layout or plans will also expedite the move.
  10. You may be concerned about the complexity of your move. Don’t be. We are professionals in office relocation and the sooner we’re involved the easier the task.